The SWAG Summer Sessions Were a Success!

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We wanted to share pictures from the two successful SWAG summer sessions. We capped enrollment this year and used precautions to help keep everyone safe. Each session culminated in a field trip. This year we took our kids to Cedar Woods Lakes and Gardens in Williston. The wonderful Singleton Subways, which has been doing this for us for many years, provided lunch.

We are so proud of our SWAG Family Resource Center staff, Kristy Goldwire and Robin Wilkerson, as well as our summer camp counselors, for successfully giving our local kids enriching activities during this year’s SWAG summer sessions. Also, we thank our key community partners, Partnership for Strong Families, who make all this possible by operating the SWAG Family Resource Center on a daily basis. ❤️ Please know that we are grateful for our supporters and donors who make this type of programming possible. We can’t do what we do without all of you.

2020 Summer Camp Outline

  • First Week – Nature/Art/Science
  • Second Week – Engineering
  • Third Week – Self Confidence/Life Skills

We will have two ongoing projects throughout camp.

1) The campers will work on a book at the end of every day that will highlight one thing that they learned or enjoyed that day.

2) Each camper will get a bucket. We will then be reading them the books: How Full Is Your Bucket? and Have You Filled A Bucket Today? Every day the campers will be adding notes to each other’s buckets that say something nice or encouraging. At the end of camp, we will be making them small books with all the nice things their fellow campers said about them. This activity will focus on social/emotional learning throughout camp.

Examples of activities by week (activities will also align with Sunshine State Standards):

  • Week 1: Nature scavenger hunt, leaf printing, sun prints, making a bird feeder. We will also be exploring the different types of art.
  • Week 2: Contraptions, building STEM/STEAM structures, catapults.
  • Week 3: Learning to find things to do with what you have, they will be making their own lunches this week, we will have Talented Tuesday where the students can highlight something they enjoy doing or creating. Camp will focus on hands-on academic learning, relationship building, self-confidence, and life skills.