Sidewalks Coming to Linton Oaks!

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We asked ten years ago, and the sidewalks are finally going in at Linton Oaks! The roadway will be reopened through to Tower Road, and moms with strollers and kids will have safe sidewalks. The resource center and clinic will have more on-street parking. No more walking in the street with cars or in the dirt for community members.

SWAG members took over a community meeting at the Tower Road Library that the county commissioners were attending a decade ago, and we let them know west Gainesville had serious needs too, like safer roads, sidewalks, and healthcare. Thankfully, they listened. We got the SW Health Clinic opened five years ago, but road projects take longer.

The project should be completed this year, with sidewalks along SW 24th, as well. It has been a long time coming, but it’s almost done. A small group of committed citizens really can move mountains.

Here is a link to the old article about the meeting at the library. It was a game-changer to have advocates for the SWAG area organize and come out to speak to commissioners.…/roads-health-care-among-issue…

Many thanks to all the past and present county commissioners over the last ten years who have voted to move all of this along.