June 2021 In Review

June 2021 was a month in transition as we celebrated the end of a difficult school year and kept working toward overcoming the COVID-19 pandemic. SWAG’s Homework Help program brought some summer festivities to the SWAG Family Resource Center. Additionally, we partnered again with UF’s Mobile Outreach Clinic to bring the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine to Majestic Oaks and Tower Oaks. You can learn more about the previous vaccination events HERE.

Homework Help students celebrated the end of the school year

We celebrated the end of a globally challenging year. Specifically, we drew pictures, decorated cookies, played games, spent time outside, and enjoyed a fun photo booth. Homework Help is one of the programs SWAG offers for students seeking after-school academic help. Check out photos of the summer fun below:

We held two follow-up vaccination events in June 2021

Our two June 2021 vaccination events were follow-ups to the two events we held during May in the Tower Oaks and Majestic Oaks neighborhoods. In Tower Oaks, 23 people got second doses, and an additional four got first doses. In Majestic Oaks, nine people got second doses, and an additional two got first doses. We also gave out $20 Publix gift cards to community members who came to get the vaccine.

Many thanks to the UF Mobile Outreach Clinic as well as Mclinda Gilchrist and Samantha Kimbrough for all the hard work they put in to make these events successful!