Take A Ride with SWAG!

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Today’s Bike Give Away Event was a huge success!  SWAG, together with the UF Heroes, Eta Sigma Gamma, ASCO, the management of the Majestic Oaks complex, and many others, gave away 42 bikes, helmets and bike locks to the residents of the SWAG neighborhoods.  The kids receiving these bikes can use them not only as a great form of fun and entertainment, but as part of a healthy and active lifestyle. The adults that received bikes will use them for both recreation and exercise, as well as an important form of transportation to get to and from school, work, and other daily activities.  SWAG is grateful to all of the individuals and groups that helped in the planning and execution of the event, with special thanks to Rajeeb Das and his team!  bike rehab 10 bike rehab 11 bike rehab 9 bike rehab 8 bike rehab 7 bike rehab 6 bike rehab 5 bike rehab 2 bike rehab bike rehab 13 bike rehab 12 bike rehab 5 bike rehab 3