Distributing Boxed Lunches and Farm Shares

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Today, our hard-working SWAG Family Resource Center staff with Partnership for Strong Families and some of their volunteers gave out 170 boxed lunches (thank you, Gator’s Dockside Gainesville!) and 50 bags of Farm Share foods!

The need is real during these trying times, and we’d like to thank many community partners who are making all of this possible during the week of Spring Break, starting with our Alachua County Public Schools and their partners! School Superintendent Karen Godfrey Clarke thanked many of them yesterday in a post. They include Jerry Benton and Campus USA Credit Union, Freddie Wehbe, Kelley Bonds Kostamo, and everyone else who joined their team to help the schools feed our community’s children. We are proud to be your partners and a distribution point in the community.

In addition, SWAG would like to thank our donors, along with Mildred’s Big City Food y Fehrenbacher’s Artisan Sausages for working with SWAG to provide additional meals to augment what is available from the schools and their partners.

We are stronger together! Thank you to everyone for all you do for children and their families.