Community IDs by the Human Rights Coalition of Alachua County

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The Human Rights Coalition of Alachua County is holding a Community ID drive. Community IDs are available to any resident, especially those who may have limited access to a government-issued ID card. You can find more information about Community IDs on the Human Rights Coalition of Alachua County website.

A flyer advertising a Community ID drive by the Human Rights Coalition of Alachua County. The text is included on this page

Just under two years ago we had our very first HRC Community ID drive.  When we arrived to set up early that morning, folks were already in line.  We handed out blankets to those waiting and were reassured that this program was needed.

For undocumented immigrants, trans individuals, people recently released from incarceration, and those experiencing homelessness, the ID can open doors and create safety. 

However, it is important that allies use the ID as well.  Without community support, it is not a community ID.  Local partners will only be truly familiar with the program when people who do not need the ID are also using it.

Hold the door for your neighbor – get a community ID. Wednesday, September 9th, 5-8pm at the United Church of Gainesville. Make your appointment at

-Human rights coalition of alachua county