Update Regarding P-EBT for Families with Schoolchildren

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Be on the lookout for this letter in the mail if your child received free or reduced lunch during the school year. It provides significant credits and benefits that you can use to make up for the meals that your child did not receive because of school closures. They were mailed recently to all families that qualify.

First Day of the 2020 Summer Program

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Today marks the first day of the summer program at our Library Partnership and SWAG Family Resource Centers. We are thrilled to offer this program for children in our community and are committed to making this a safe and fun experience. Here’s a look at SWAG’s first day!

SWAG Stands Against Injustice

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At SWAG, we stand against injustice and will use our voices and our actions to support the change we must see in our community, especially for African-American, Black, and Brown families, as well as others who are experiencing injustice.