Back-to-School Day 2021

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One of our favorite times of the year is back-to-school. Annually, we work to get our kids off on the right foot for the school year with beautiful backpacks filled with school supplies. This year we once again took precautions against the spread of COVID-19. However, despite these challenging circumstances, the event went very well! Read on for details and photos of how we made it happen. Also, be sure to check out the feature of the event in The Gainesville Sun!

We distributed back-to-school supplies to 178 children

The back-to-school event was outside, with masks and social distancing to keep everyone safe. SWAG Family Resource Center manager Shandra Nichols did a great job organizing the team and the space. We were also thrilled to see previous Resource Center Manager Kristy Goldwire! She came to help greet families and make sure everyone had masks. Many thanks also to the SWAG board members, volunteers, and other Family Resource Center staff who came out to make this event possible. Thank you especially to board member Miriam Gonzales, who translated for several families.

Families who attended received filled backpacks as well as new underwear and socks. We also had pizza, cookies, and cold water. And finally, the SW Health Clinic was open and providing back-to-school physicals and immunizations for families. It was a great day!

Many thanks to Tower Hill Insurance for donating supplies

We were so glad to once again have the support of our longtime community partners at Tower Hill Insurance. Thank you, THIG, so much for all you and your wonderful employees do in the community at this time of year and all year round.