In February 2010, nine women came together and discussed their concerns for SW Gainesville. Previously, each woman had worked for years to bring services and support to the area. Then they formed SWAG, and they accomplished goals beyond their dreams. Many years later, our board now has a mix of residents and local advocates from all walks of life. Since the group began, SWAG has benefitted from the leadership of our beloved visionary and matriarch Joan Canton. To learn more about SWAG’s history, please watch the following video:


SWAG works to address needs, provide opportunities, and improve the quality of life for the residents of the following neighborhoods:

  • Majestic Oaks
  • Holly Heights
  • Harbor Cove
  • Pine Meadows
  • Hidden Oaks Mobile Home Park
  • Gordon Manor
  • Tower Oaks/Tower Oaks Glen
  • Linton Oaks
A map of Harbor Cove, Pine Meadow, Hidden Oaks MHP, Holly Heights/Gordon Manor, Linton Oaks, Majestic Oaks, & Tower Oaks
These are the neighborhoods we serve.

SWAG works with community partners within and outside of Gainesville, FL. As a result, we have been able to support the following places and services:

Family Resource Center

The Family Resource Center opened in 2012. Since then, we have worked with our operating partner Partnership for Strong Families to provide place-based services at the Resource Center. These services build on existing assets, identify needs, and connect individuals and families to resources. For example, the Resource Center provides emergency food assistance, homework help, kids’ exercise programs, and MUCH more. In addition, we opened a renovated playground next to the Center in 2019.

SW Health Clinic

Since 2015, the Alachua County Health Department and SWAG have offered health services at a clinic in the Linton Oaks neighborhood. In particular, residents can access pediatric and adult primary care, full-service dental care, a Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) office. The clinic sees about 600 patients each month and is open for COVID-19 testing.

CHILD Center

SWAG opened the CHILD Center in 2018. As a result, we have been able to support young children alongside the Anita Zucker Center for Early Childhood Excellence and O2B Kids. Specifically, the CHILD Center serves children aged 0 to 5 and their families. The CHILD Center provides a safe and healthy learning environment with the services like the following:

  • Comprehensive childcare
  • Early education curriculum
  • Nutritious meals
  • Creative play

Watch this slideshow to see some photos of SWAG’s early leadership, efforts, and achievements!


Curious how the area has changed over the last decade? Check out the most recent Census data HERE for the southern portion of the SWAG area and HERE for the northern portion.

32607 has the most verified child maltreatment cases in the County. The #1 type of child maltreatment in 2009 was family violence.
The SWAG area consistently provides the highest number of domestic violence-related calls for service and reports.
Health disparities include adverse reproductive health & birth outcomes as well as low Medicaid service availability despite many Medicaid births.
In the summer of 2010 door-to-door survey of Majestic Oaks and Linton Oaks, the number one need was activities for kids.
The area has limited transportation and access to resources including the Health Department in SE Gainesville.
Education disparities include poverty & instability among elementary schoolers & racial disparities among high schoolers.
32607 is the 5th most impoverished zip code in the County though it has a mix of very poor and very wealthy residents.
The zone with the highest call load to the Alachua County Sheriff’s Office is located in 32607.
The area has a high rates of housing code violations & housing voucher displacements.


Click HERE to read a story about SWAG on NPR. Also, check out the videos below to learn about SWAG’s past initiatives.

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