SWAG Family Resource Center

In 2010, the Board of County Commissioners, Partnership for Strong Families, SWAG, and dozens of local businesses began working together and joined forces (both financial and manpower), to create a bricks and mortar community center. The county ultimately purchased a building the center of the SWAG neighborhoods, and through the hard work and generous contributions of both the public and private sectors, it was renovated to serve as a Family Resource Center. The Resource Center’s doors opened in June of 2012. Soon thereafter, a playground was built on an adjacent lot.

The Family Resource Center functions as a three way partnership: it is owned by the county; Partnership for Strong Families is the operating partner; and is supported and advised by SWAG and the SWAG volunteers.  Currently, SWAG and Partnership for Strong Families – through the SWAG Family Resource Center – offers computers and internet access, printing & copying, faxing, books, games and toys for children, and referrals for services. Examples of specific programs that have been offered in the short time the resource center has been opened include: after-school tutoring programs, summer programs for kids, food pantry, health and exercise programs, free notary services, counseling services, parenting supports, regular Bookmobile visits, regular hours at our clothing and donation room, codes enforcement information, SWAG’s monthly dinner, social services, and much, much more.  The programs offered at the Resource Center are frequently being updated and expanded, so please consult the monthly calendar for the most up to date information about what is going on this month!

To take a virtual tour of SWAG Family Resource Center, guided by first Resource Center manager, Katie Fields, click here: SWAG Family Resource Center Tour. Please contact the current manager, Amanda Elliott, at (352) 505-6823 or Amanda.Elliott@pfsf.org, with any questions or to schedule a tour in person.